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2017 Dates:
Boys U14 – U18 / Girls U14 – U18 Weekend: May 19-22, 2017

Now accepting applications for the
2017 Umbro Top Rated Invitational Soccer College Showcase Tournament


Umbro Top Rated Invitational Soccer College Showcase Tournament Fast Facts:

  • Past showcases drew the top Canadian club & academyteams from Calgary, Edmonton, Manitoba, Quebec, as well as Super Y League teams from the Ottawa Fury, Toronto Lynx's and London Gryphon's along with the best teams Ontario offers.
  • Each year the showcase draws the top Canadian National Cup Champions, Provincial Champions and League Champions throughout the four age groups.
  • The Tournament is held at 6 different Field Turf soccer complexes, the 3 main complexes, Ice Lands and the Hershey Sports Zone (indoor and outdoor fields)  are located within walking distances of each other.
  • Ice Lands is a 2-field soccer facility that has been regarded as one of the provinces top soccer complexes. Both fields are fitted with Field Turf allowing games to be played in most all types of weather conditions faced with at that time of year.
  • The Hershey Sports Zone (outdoor) is a 2-field soccer complex is considered one of the best Field Turf outdoor facility in the Country.
  • The Umbro Top Rated Invitational Soccer College Showcase Tournament is widely considered as the top soccer showcase in the country displaying the BEST Canadian talent from coast to coast.
  • The Showcase Tournament accepts only the top boy’s and girl’s teams from across Canada and parts of the US.
  • The 2016 showcase drew 180+ US and Canadian College coaches looking to evaluate the best talent Canada has to offer.
  • Teams accepted into the Umbro Top Rated Invitational Soccer College Showcase Tournament will be assigned to division brackets, and there will be a noted winner in each; however NO awards will be given out. Point system breakdown are detailed in the official showcase tournament rules and regulations.
  • All club team showcase applications and rosters are to be submitted on line, any mail in or faxed applications will NOT be accepted. With the gotsoccer system, schedules, college profiles, rosters, and formal team contact is now more efficient and precise.
  • NCAA Compliance
    Based upon regulations stated by the NCAA Membership Services, the Umbro Top Rated Invitational meets the NCAA definition of a "Tournament". Therefore, in accordance with NCAA rules, the three (3) days of competition shall count as ONE EVALUATION.

2017 Highlights:

  • EARLY BIRD registration discount now available BEFORE DEC 1, 2017
  • The Umbro Top Rated Showcase will be celebrated its 10th Year Anniversary in 2015
  • All showcase field locations will be outfitted with an Athletic Therapist who will provide services to players such as treatment for minor injuries and taping at each field site.
  • EMS service will be on site to deal with any major injuries that may incur during the course of the showcase
  • HTG Sports Services will be providing complete travel and accommodation services to all participating teams and college coaches attending our event. Information regarding hotels will be provided along with online reservation capabilities.
  • College coaches will be provided with meals at the Iceland’s and Hershey field sites throughout the entire weekend on site and at the host hotel throughout the weekend.
  • All coaches/managers are to register their respective teams ON Friday May 19 at the official registration night unless otherwise approved by the Showcase committee.
  • ALL teams are to play games on Monday May 22 unless otherwise approved by the Showcase committee.


  • All international teams and teams from outside Ontario shall supply proof of accident/injury/illness medical insurance to the Tournament Host, no later than seven days prior to the first day of the tournament. Failure to comply will disqualify the team from participating in the tournament.
  • An international team or a team applying to play-in from outside the Province of Ontario, must provide the Host Club with:
    • a certificate signed by a Club Official in a form acceptable to the District which certifies that the Club has verified that all players have been insured against accident/injury/illness medical insurance issued by a duly authorized company operating within Ontario or within the Club’s local jurisdiction in connection with the competition; or
    • a Certificate of Insurance that certifies that the Club has been insured by a duly authorized insurance company operating in the Club’s jurisdiction against any travel risks or perils, or against any claim concerning accident/injury/illness medical liability from or in respect of any player with the competition

Note: Clubs that host any competition involving an international or out of Province team, must satisfy the District that the team has provided acceptable proof of insurance or any such team will not be granted playing-in permission from the District.

ALL inquiries regarding the Umbro Top Rated Invitational Soccer College Showcase Tournament should be directed to:

Joe Moscato email jmoscato@umbrotopratedshowcase.com

Mike Rocca email mrocca@umbrotopratedshowcase.com

Mark Borzi email mborzi@umbrotopratedshowcase.com

General Information:
The Umbro Top Rated Invitational Soccer College Showcase Tournament is going into its 11th year of competition in the city of Mississauga, minutes away from the Toronto Pearson International Airport and the downtown Toronto area. Each year invited teams (U14 thru U18) to compete over three days, our headquarters being Ice Lands and the Hershey Sports Zone.

Umbro Top Rated Invitational Mission Statement:

The Umbro Top Rated Showcase is committed to excellence above all else;

Top Rated Competition:

Selection Process:

The showcase averages over 300+ applications for 200 spots per year for entry into the event. With an extensive 4 week research period, the tournament committee will consider equally:
(note: Politics is NOT listed)

  • team history
  • results
(and yes, a 1-0 loss to top competition is better than a 10-0 win against much lesser competition)
  • placement in provincial, league, and national competitions
  • team makeup
  • other events of acceptance
  • rankings

Our main focus during the selection process is QUALITY OVER QUANTITY

Top Rated Fields

Field Sites:
The Umbro Top Rated Invitational bases their field site criteria on two premises:

  1. Quality of playing surface
  2. Convenience for age groups

  1. Quality Playing Surface:
    As many of you know, with the inconsistent weather during the month of May in Ontario, it has caused many similar outdoors events to be delayed, cancelled or rescheduled due to field closers of natural grass fields at the first sign of excess rain which is common place that time of year. Having the luxury of ALL 3 facilities used for the Umbro Top Rated Invitational being Field Turf, it has allowed the showcase a distinct advantage as we have a “on time game played” success rate of 99% over the past three years since moving to Ice Lands and the Hershey Sports Zone.

  2. Convenience for Age Groups:
    We try our best to make sure that each field site is within reasonable driving distance from hotel accommodations offered by the showcase tournament. Knowing that mobilizing 18 players and a group of parents isn’t always easy, our goal is to make this process simple.
Top Rated Referees
How does a tournament guarantee quality referees?
Simple Answer: They can’t.

The Umbro Top Rated Invitational does, however, set certain standards and suggestions for our referees that we hope they take out onto the field each and every match. The first step we take is not to try to assign referees ourselves. All referee assignments are determined by one of the top head referee’s in the province. He will do his best to make sure that all referees are able and graded to referee the age groups assigned within the event. We also have promoted consistency. The most repeated quote by the tournament staff “If you are going to be good or bad, just be consistently good or bad. A coach can always adjust, but mixing it up is what makes it unpleasant.”

Top Rated Organization
The Umbro Top Rated Invitational prides itself on the decisions and steps we take every year to make sure the stay in the city of Mississauga is a quality one. The Dixie Soccer Club is the oldest youth soccer club in the great city of Mississauga and along with its partners have had a great part organizing the showcase over the past 11 years. The showcase group have done the utmost to ensure it provides the best soccer experience to all who have entered the showcase tournament. Our field sites are first class, we always have easy to find help and college coaches are all given the proper care so that they will be notified of all changes and know where the right age groups are playing. And thanks to the Gotsoccer system and HTG Sports Services, schedules, college profiles, rosters, and formal team contact and hotel reservations are now more efficient and precise.

Hotel Accommodations
To insure the quality of service provided at the 2017 Umbro Top Rated Showcase, the Showcase directors have appointed HTG Sports Services as the official Hospitality Service of the tournament.

All teams are mandated to book any hotel reservations through online through HTG Sports Services to insure their place in the 2017 Umbro Top Rated Showcase. Any teams that do not comply will be at risk of forfeiting their acceptance.

Teams can begin booking hotel rooms as soon as they receive official confirmation that they have been accepted to the 2017 Umbro Top Rated Showcase.

Entry Fees:

$1,000 CDN – U14 & U18 Boys and Girls
$1,200 CDN – U15, U16 & U17 Boys and Girls

$1,195 CDN – U14 & U18 Boys and Girls
$1,395 CDN – U15, U16 & U17 Boys and Girls

  • Registration fees sent AFTER March 17th will include a late registration fee of $50.
  • Registration fees sent AFTER May 1st will include a late registration fee of $100.
  • All payments for the 2017 Umbro Top Rated Showcase should be made through check or money order to:
Umbro Top Rated Showcase
PO Box 76021
Abbey Market
Oakville, ON
L6M 3H5

If you have trouble registering online please direct questions to:



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